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Should Gutters Match Your Windows?

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When adding new gutters to your home, functionality is often front and center in your decisions. However, it’s also important to ensure the new gutter installation won’t detract from your home’s aesthetic appeal. So, should your gutters match your windows?

Gutters should match your window trims if you want the installation to blend into your home’s exterior design seamlessly. However, you may consider matching the gutters with other parts of the home’s exterior (such as siding or roof) if the gutters can’t match your window trim.

This post answers all your questions about matching your gutters with your windows. Keep reading.

Why Should You Match Your Gutters With Your Windows?

You should match your gutters with your windows to ensure uniformity in your exterior design. When the gutters look too different from your exterior décor theme, the installation can negatively impact the property’s curb appeal.

That’s why many homeowners choose rain gutters that match their windows. The gutter can still do its job of channeling rainwater away from their homes regardless of the exterior design or appearance. However, making it match the windows is a good way to make a good first impression or ensure it doesn’t draw attention away from the property.

By matching your gutters to your windows, you can create an appealing color contrast against your roofs and walls.

Alternatives to Matching Your Gutters With Your Windows

If you don’t want to match your gutters with your windows and don’t want the installation to look odd on your property’s exterior, there are other options available. They include the following:

Match the Gutters to Your Roof

Gutters are an extension of your roof. Therefore, matching your gutters to the color of your roof is a good approach. Homeowners going for a minimalist appearance can choose this option because it reduces the number of additions to your home’s exterior appearance.

Additionally, matching your gutters to the roof is an excellent way to accentuate your roof’s appearance without drawing too much attention to the gutters. So, if your roof features special material you’d like to highlight, matching the gutters to the roof is a great way to achieve that goal.

Match the Gutters to Your Siding

Matching the gutters to your home’s siding is another excellent way to ensure it blends into the rest of your property. Since your siding is your exterior walls, it’s the perfect background for your gutters. Therefore, if they match, your gutters will disappear into the background.

However, it’s not always easy to match your gutters with the property’s sidings. It’s harder if the property is a farmhouse, beach house, or cabin.

Paint the Gutters

If you’re struggling to find a gutter design that allows you to match your gutters with your windows, you should consider painting over your gutters. You can choose a paint color that matches your windows, sidings, or roof.

Painting your gutters is a good idea because it’ll protect the gutters from the elements, prolonging their lifespan. Some types of paint can help prevent rusting, which is important if you have standard aluminum gutters.

Rusty gutters can make your home’s exterior look untidy. There’s also the risk of the gutters failing at their job of channeling rainwater away from your property.

What’s the Best Type of Paint To Use on Gutters?

The best type of paint to use on gutters may be oil-based paint as it’s more durable and thicker, only requiring a few layers. Of course, you should choose the paint suitable for your gutter material. Acrylic paints are also good options if you’d rather not use oil-based paints.

Whatever your choice of paint, always avoid any option that contains ammonia. Ammonia mixing with oxidized aluminum will only cause bubbles in the paint.

How Long Will Paint Last on Gutters?

Paint will last years on gutters with the right preparation and correct application. You have to consider the paint color, gutter material, and the predominant environmental conditions. 

For example, white oil-based paint will last for many years on gutters in areas that enjoy heavy sunshine and lots of rainfall or snow. Other colors may fade away quickly under similar conditions.

The most popular color for gutters is white. White is a neutral color, making it a flexible paint option to go with. If you want your gutters to disappear into your home’s wider exterior design, white is a top option to consider.

Painting your home white also means you won’t have to worry about the gutters when it’s time to repaint your home’s exterior. The neutral appearance of white paint means it’s reflective enough to brighten up your home without causing a matching headache with other colors.

Are Black Gutters a Good Idea?

Black gutters may be a good idea if you want gutters that hide accumulated dirt or natural wear and tear. However, the color may create unwanted contrast and draw too much attention.

However, if you already have a black and gray color theme for your home’s exterior, black gutters can work nicely.

What Gutter Color Is Ideal for a Brick House?

A neutral color that matches the roof or trims is an ideal gutter color for a brick house. Alternatively, the gutter should feature neutral color shades of brick. The most popular gutter color options for brick houses are white or beige.

Other colors you can consider are almond, light brown, or light gray.

Final Thoughts

Gutters should match your windows if you’re aiming for a nicely blended aesthetic appeal on your home’s exterior. However, the decision ultimately lies with you. You can elect to match your gutters with your roof or sidings or to paint it a specific color.

Whatever your choice, it’s best to have it nailed down before you proceed with your gutter installation. The color choice won’t affect the effectiveness of the gutter system. However, the wrong one might reduce your home’s curb appeal. Gutters sticking out like a sore thumb can make the property look cheaper—especially aging installations.


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